Lives and works in Stockholm


2015-2018 Higher textile education at Handarbetets Vänner in Stockholm. 2006 -14 Södertörn University History / literary history / Pedagogy / Rhetoric / Master in Swedish history of migration and theory of science 2009 Stockholm University Latin American History / Spanish 1998-00 Basic Art School (1998-00)

I am interested in current & historical migration and how it changes & continues to affect our world, culturally & artistically.

I works with fictional worldviews, a form of futuristic anthropology that at the same time has a critical attitude towards the preservative and often nationalist and colonial approach we have to our cultural identity. My work has grown out of curiosity for cultural identity and belonging. 

I often get the question, if my work is an investigation into my origin or the origin or identity of others? I think I'm rather looking for similarities between expression and origin. In school, a teacher can teach, for example, Religion with a focus on either similarities or differences. To create understanding for others and thus feel a closeness to others' interpretations, instead of reinforcing the image "of the other". I think that's what I'm interested in; to see the similarities in expressions and methods between people

I'm looking for the common thread that unites people